Sharon Pucci & Marc Neilson

Sharon Pucci and Marc Neilson have been in the Bay Area music scene since the late 60's. Although their backgrounds differ, they have blended their styles to create their own sound.  Marc's first band was legendary blues rock band Cold Turkey. After this band ended in 1970, the drummer started a band called Light Year, with Sharon singing lead and scat vocals, and playing percussion. This is how she and Marc met.  Light Year was an avant garde rock/jazz/fusion ensemble, which was a big change from Sharon's operatic background.  Curiously, 35 years after the fact, Light Year signed a contract with GreenTree Records in Germany, and released a CD called "Reveal the Fantastic".

Sharon and Marc started their own band, The Pucci Band, in the late 70's, in which they generated some record label interest before a tragic death in the band ended their run.

In 1982 Sharon wrote a handbook for better electric singing titled "How To Save Your Voice".  This is an easy to understand manual discussing some technical aspects of singing, which she compiled from her decades of teaching  experience.  This book is still available, with plans to go digital in the works.

In 2003 Sharon revisited her roots and released a classical CD, "Rose of Sharon".  For a time, she gave concerts around the Bay Area, some of which can be seen on YouTube.  As the changing times demanded an artistic response, Sharon & Marc began writing songs again and chose to play out in public as a duo. They later added bassist Bruce Erickson and drummer Zach Benton. Bruce is a veteran of rock and blues bands in the Midwest as well as in California. He has since blossomed into a fine jazz player.  Zach was born and raised outside Washington DC, and arrived in the Bay Area for college. He played drums in various rock, jazz, and blues bands since picking up the instrument in high school, and gained formal education by participating in the symphony and orchestra. His favorite artists include Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire, Ben Folds, Art Blakey, the Beatles, and Jonah Smith.

This band has been named LOST COMET. Look for them in 2017 in the Bay Area.

They sing a variety of material from funky fusion to jazzy, operatic folk.  Call it "Space Folk" if you like.  They have released  their vintage material for The Pucci Band CD "Time Capsule".  They are also recording new songs for their next release, planning to call it "Above the Sky".  It is possible to make music with both intelligence AND beauty. If anything describes their mission statement, it would be to elevate the discussion, and sonically make the world a better place. 

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